Laser cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, southern England and Wales.



Laser Industries is a supplier of precision laser cutting parts. We provide all customers in Yeovil and throughout Somerset with fast, reliable and accurate laser cut profiles. All of our laser cutting services are carried out in our dedicated factory and we regularly invest in the latest laser cutting machinery to ensure we are benefiting from the most advanced technologies. All laser cut parts are completed with speed and precision to exacting standards.

Laser Industries have over two decades of laser cutting expertise and we are proud to be offering a professional laser cutting service. We continually strive to deliver efficient, affordable and precise laser cut parts, to your specification, for all customers in Yeovil and throughout Somerset.


The team at Laser Industries are both knowledgeable and professional, we are focused on offering a competitively priced, dependable and accurate laser cutting services to customers in Yeovil and beyond.

We operate a small fleet of delivery vehicles which ensures a fast and reliable delivery of laser cut profiles to customers in Yeovil and the throughout the wider areas of Somerset.

If you are based in Yeovil and require precision cut laser parts from an affordable and experienced laser cutting subcontractor, contact the Laser Industries sales team today or email [email protected].

Are you based in Yeovil? We are a leading laser cutting sub contractor that covers Somerset.


We don’t only provide laser cutting for customers in Yeovil and Dorset we also offer metal folding. We operate two Bystronic Xpert press brakes, which use the latest computerised numerical controls (CNC) and back gauge controls, this ensures continual accuracy and efficiency. Combining both our laser cutting and metal folding services allows us to accurately manufacture intricate folded metal parts for our customers, eliminating the need for additional suppliers and also simplifying their production supply chain.

You can have your laser cut products both cut and folded at the same time, saving time and money and allowing us to quality control both stages of the process.

We are pleased to be able to offer customers throughout Dorset and Yeovil laser cutting and metal folding services.


Do you need a professional and dependable laser cutting sub contractor in Yeovil or Dorset? Choose Laser Industries and you can be sure of a reliable and cost effective service.

For over 20 year we have build a reputation for excellent customer service and we provide all customers with accurate laser cutting and metal folding, backed by our extensive knowledge and industry expertise. We continually review all stages of our production process, which are meticulously managed by our skilled laser cutting team and for your reasurrance we are also accredited to ISO 9001: 2015.

If your business is in Yeovil and you require affordable and reliable laser cutting, please call Laser Industries to discuss your metal cutting needs.