Laser cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, southern England and Wales.



T7 Design has been a customer with Laser for a number of years, purchasing components from us to be used when manufacturing bespoke HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) systems. Their enthusiasm for designing the best products, coupled with 'in house' product development and manufacture allow T7 Design to produce high quality and cost effective solutions.

Theatre sets and scenery

At Laser industries we have the capacity to produce laser cut components with precision in short timescales. We provide this service regularly to customers within the theatrical and set building industries. It is important for us at Laser Industries to work closely with our customers to ensure that the work is carried out in a time effective manner whilst ensuring the quality is second to none. 

Marine Fabrication

We also do business with companies in the marine safety industry. For example we have drawn up from templates, to create samples and final components of quick release mechanisms that you would see on the deck of a boat to ensure straps and lines are safe. Along with this, we have helped to provide the highest specification of marine grade stainless steel to produce safety harness buckles, adjuster buckles, slides and rails.

The Jon Fellows Partnership

Have you ever dreamed of flying the iconic Spitfire? In the world of flight simulation, these things are all more than possible with many great software packages promising you the ultimate warbird experience.

Nub Sound

From sound engineering a multi-stage music festival to lighting design in the theatre, Nub Sound provides total technical and logistic support for the events that they are tasked with. They have both extensive experience, repertoire of skills and professional contacts that cover all aspects of the design, planning, execution and delivery of ambitious formal projects.

David Ayre Cars Limited

On 10th July 2019, Bentley will reach its Centenary year; a record achievement that must be celebrated for creating the worlds most iconic Grand Tourers; The British luxury brand is honouring decades of craftsmanship.

Classic Mini Racing

On 26 August 1965, British Motor Corporation proudly revealed a car that captured the imagination of the world and revolutionised the compact car sector.... the Mini.