Laser cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, southern England and Wales.


The recently installed Bystronic Xpert 150/3100 Pressbrake is the only one in the South West of England, offering the highest position and repetition accuracy.

Installed and ready for use, our new Bystronic Pressbrake has the bending technology for the highest demands on process, speed and flexibility performance. 

This is the only machine that does not produce angle errors; it offers the highest repetition accuracy on the market.

This Xpert hydraulic Pressbrake is equipped with the pressure reference system, controlled by a precise multi axis controller. 

It comprises of various configurations and has a comprehensive range of performance options for every requirement for consistently high bending quality. 

The Xperts intelligent assistant functions, such as the material curve generator and the LAMS angle measuring system, guarantee bending results with the highest precision while requiring only very few operating steps.

This machine can be operational in less than five minutes which is ideal when there is a shortage or capabilities fluctuate. 

It is fully comprehensive with CAD/CAM and there are only six mouse clicks between 3D data file and 3D part. 

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