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Benefits of outsourcing your
laser cutting versus in-house machinery

When a project demands a precise cut with consistent repetition, laser cutting is the obvious, cost effective and reliable solution.

The first thought for some companies is to install in-house machinery, but this involves expensive investments in equipment, rigorous staff training and regular maintenance costs. Rather than having to face the obstacles of mastering a new production process, consider outsourcing your project to Laser Industries, your trusted and experienced subcontractor. So what are the benefits of outsourcing your laser cutting?


Without question the most important part of a laser cut product has to be the quality of the finished product and producing laser cut components to a high standard takes time and expertise. Laser Industries has over two decades of experience producing laser cut parts for customers from a wide range of industries and our skilled workforce have gained valuable knowledge throughout this time. By partnering with Laser Industries you have direct access to a team of experts, who can guide you through the most appropriate material, can ensure that the components are cut to your exact specification and we can even check your CAD files to ensure the parts produced are fit for purpose. Combine this with fast turnaround times and no need to hold material stock, it is clear to see why outsourcing your laser cutting is a sensible choice.


Setting up a new laser cutting facility is very costly. The machines are a huge investment and need a substantial space to be used safely and efficiently. Combine this with the staffing costs, electricity bills and maintenance, and most businesses will find it isn’t a viable or cost effective way of having your metal components laser cut. Investing hundreds of thousands of pounds into a machine that will spend large portions of its time not being used is both bad business and unnecessary when you can just outsource to a reliable and established subcontractor.


To accurately cut a metal component is a lengthy process. CAD files need to be checked, the parts need to be carefully nested together to minimise material waste, the appropriate material needs to be sourced and purchased, the machine needs to be set up correctly and then finally the parts are cut. Laser Industries can handle all of this for you and more, saving time, money and unnecessary stress. Our in-house press brakes also allow us to fold your laser cut components and if needed we can tap and countersink holes ready for the next stage of the production process. By handling multiple stages of your production process we can shorten lead times and save you money.


With more than two decades of laser cutting experience, we are confident in saying we are the South Wests leading laser cutting subcontractor. Working with a diverse customer base for industries such as automotive, marine, engineering, construction, catering and aerospace, we have seen and overcome most problems. When you subcontract your laser cutting to Laser Industries you have direct access to our experienced staff and they will be on hand to help and assist you, something that you would not have if you were trying to cut your components in-house and this is one of the clear benefits of outsourcing your laser cutting. Our in-depth industry knowledge, a deep understanding of materials and up-to-date production processes, ensure our customers receive the highest quality cut parts. Combine this with exceptional customer service, short lead times and reliable delivery through our own fleet of vehicles and it’s clear that Laser Industries is the smart choice for any company looking to sub contract laser cutting.

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