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What to consider when choosing
the best laser cutting subcontractor

Finding the right laser cutting subcontractor can be a challenging task as so many companies make huge promises that are rarely delivered.

It can take years to find what you think is a trusted supplier, only to be let down. This sometimes leads to companies buying their own equipment, which on the surface can seem like a good idea to avoid production delays, but the reality is that running and maintaining a laser cutter, for most businesses, is a costly and unnecessary financial pressure.

A reliable, established and trusted laser cutting subcontractor, like Laser Industries, will bring far more benefits to your business compared to trying to run an in-house laser cutter. Delays will be minimised, manufacturing costs will be reduced, productivity will increase, downtime and associated costs will be mitigated, along with the financial burden of running a laser cutter. 

So what should you look for when choosing a laser cutting subcontractor?


The most important step to choosing a subcontractor is to identify their capabilities. Laser Industries continually invest in and maintain the most advanced laser cutting and metal folding equipment. Our 3 Bystronic fibre laser cutters and two press brakes run 24 hours a day 5 days a week, ensuring we offer a comprehensive service with the shortest lead times possible.


Looking for a subcontractor with industry related standards is a good sign that you will finds a reliable partner. Laser Industries is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 accredited which ensures we work to the highest quality standard and we continually monitor every aspect of our business, striving for continuous improvement in all that we do.


Being able to talk to your subcontractor when you need to is critical to maintaining a proactive and positive relationship. At Laser Industries we understand the importance of communication, so we ensure our sales and technical team are on hand when you need us to answer any question or queries you may have. Whether you contact us via email or telephone we will be prompt, responsive and polite.


The cost of a project is always going to be one of the main factors when choosing a laser cutting subcontractor, so we aim to provide quotes to customer within 24 hours. Being one of the largest laser cutting subcontractors in the South West means we are able to purchase and hold a large stock of material. This, combined with very efficient production processes, allows us to offer very competitive prices for both large and small production runs.


So you have chosen your subcontractor, they have delivered the first job on time, but now things are slowing down, lead times are increasing and mistakes are happening. This is not a good situation for any business and is sadly something that happens far too often. Not at Laser Industries!  We understand the importance of a reliable working relationship and ensure that we offer clarity and transparency in everything we do, always keeping you updated on production and delivery timescales. Working with Laser Industries you can be sure that we will treat you and your job with the upmost importance, giving it the attention it needs, time and time again!

Why choose Laser Industries?

The answer is simple, we are the best at what we do! We will take full responsibility for every stage of the process, from quotation through to the delivery of your metal components, giving you peace of mind that you have chosen the leading laser cutting subcontractor.

Call Laser Industries today to discuss your laser cutting needs on 01752 841700 or email [email protected]

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