Laser cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, southern England and Wales.

Supporting British

Britain is a global leader in many industries with an unprecedented manufacturing heritage. Over the past decade Britain has driven many key industries forward, through its world-renowned manufacturing sector. There is a growing shift from the need for cut price products from overseas, to quality British made products and we are proud to be a part of this.

We have a customer base that spans across many sectors, from companies manufacturing innovative components for the automotive sector to super yachts at the pinnacle of the marine sector. Each customer has specific and individual needs, some require us to cut and hold stock parts, others require complex cutting and folding, whatever the requirement our skilled and highly experienced team ensure their needs are met… we are proud to be supporting British manufacturing.

So how can we help you streamline your manufacturing process?

With over 20 years of laser cutting experience we have helped many customers overcome the challenge of finding a reliable laser cutting sub-contractor. Being one of the largest companies in Southern England, we hold a large stock of key materials from mild steel to polished stainless steel in a large array of thicknesses. Our factory is in full production 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and has been developed for one purpose. To be fast, efficient and precise. 

Utilising the latest laser cutting and metal folding technologies from Bystronic, we can combine two complete processes, saving significant time and money for our customers. We offer high speed cutting in a class of its own for steel up 25MM thick. 

Our in-house CAD department can help you fine tune your cut part, whether it’s working from concept drawings, hard-copy files, reverse engineering samples or just a concept that needs our expertise to turn your idea into a reality, you can be sure of a well thought out and cost effective solution. 

Using the very latest Bysoft CAD software we are able to open almost any type of drawing file supplied, including STEP, DXF, DWG and IGES. The software’s automated nesting and layout features ensures that waste is minimised and guaranteeing the most cost effective cutting plan for your product.

Whatever your needs, whatever your industry, we are here to support you and to continue supporting British manufacturing…to discuss our laser cutting and metal folding capabilities, call our sales team today on 01752 841700.

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