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Haeger Hydraulic

Laser Industries installs Haeger 824WT4e hydraulic insert press to support customer needs.

Following a request from a long-standing customer to complete their fully formed components with self-clinching nuts, more commonly known as PEM inserts, we decided to purchase a state-of-the-art hydraulic press. 

This new machinery allowed us to offer all our customers a more streamlined production process, not only can we cut and fold your products, by we can also offer inserts, tapping, countersinking and rumbling as an addition, whilst still guaranteeing our industry recognised accuracy and customer service. 

With the ability to install inserts ranging from M2 – M6 in size in material 1MM – 6MM thick, the Haeger 824WT4e can achieve up-to 1400 insertions per hour and a repeatability of +/-2% force across the full 7.25T range. This ensures all components are completed with the upmost quality and consistency no matter the quantity.

For more information about our range of laser cutting and metal folding services please contact our sales team by calling 01752 841700 or email [email protected] with your project requirements.

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