Laser cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, southern England and Wales.


At Laser Industries we have seen how laser cutting has revolutionised many industries in recent years, by not only increasing productivity but also precision and accuracy. We have broken down laser cutting’s unique attributes into 4 simple categories to show you how it could help your business grow.

Laser cutting is capable of cutting various materials incredibly quickly, it can reduce cutting times significantly compared to traditional punching and drilling techniques. This is a significant advantage for many businesses, products are supplied quicker, lead times are significantly reduced, increasing your productivity.

At Laser Industries we use both Fibre and CO2 laser technologies ensuring that we use the correct machine for the cutting application, guaranteeing both a quality finish and a competitive price.

We continually invest in both machinery and staff training to guarantee precise results every time. By using CAD we can ensure the exact measurements of your product are replicated during the cutting process, this means we will supply your products cut perfectly every time. By adding Laser Industries as a subcontractor to your supply chain, you can streamline your manufacturing or production processes to increase output and profitability.

The power and precision of our laser cutting machinery can offer your business a fast and flexible cutting technique. We are confident that our years of experience will ensure we can work with you to establish both the best material and cutting pattern, delivering a product that fits your individual needs exactly.

To find out more about our laser cutting capabilities call our sales team today on 01752 841700 or email [email protected].

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