Laser cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, southern England and Wales.

NEW 10KW Fibre
increases capacity

Despite the difficulties of the past 12 months, Laser Industries has continued to grow with the installation of a new Bystronic Fiber Laser.

Replacing the last of our 6KW Fibers, we now operate two Bystronic 10KW Bystar Fiber laser cutters – both machines have identical specification and capabilities which will help us maintain unparalleled levels of quality and accuracy in all materials and thicknesses. 

With the capability to cut 20mm mild and stainless steel and 12 mm aluminium with a maximum sheet size of 3000mm x 1500mm, we utilise industry leading speed and precision, ensuring the utmost reliability and consistency whatever your laser cutting requirements.

For more information about our range of laser cutting and metal folding services please contact our sales team by calling 01752 841700 or email [email protected] with your project requirements.

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